The Quality Payment Program (QPP) Resource Center® for the Midwest supports small, underserved, and rural clinician participation in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) QPP in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Backed by funding from the CMS Small, Underserved, and Rural Support (SURS) program, the QPP Resource Center® delivers free support to eligible small, underserved, and rural practices as they participate in the QPP under MACRA legislation. Led by Altarum, we are a coalition of 10 experienced healthcare organizations that have a long history of supporting effective clinician change and quality improvements through technical assistance and clinician engagement.

Our experience tells us that the most effective way to support your practice is through a tailored and flexible approach. Utilizing a combination of data, technology, resources, and education, our knowledgeable Quality Improvement Advisors will help you identify where you are now, as well as a clear path forward.


We recognize that many practices are resource-constrained or overwhelmed by the rate of change in healthcare caused by new government legislation, so our free support also includes assistance:

  • Understanding evolving government legislation, like MACRA and the QPP
  • Knowing how to evaluate the impact of legislation on their bottom line
  • Maintaining compliance and access to resources and support


The QPP Resource Center® strives to offer assistance to all eligible clinicians within our 7 state region to support their efforts in QPP compliance by increasing technology adoption, improving patient outcomes, and enhancing efficiency. 

The QPP Resource Center® aims to provide small and rural practices in the Mid-west a trusted source of educational materials and tools needed to be a successful participant in the Quality Payment Program.