The Benefits of MIPS Reporting via the MIPScast® Qualified Registry


There are several options in the Quality Payment Program (QPP) for submitting MIPS performance data to CMS, but many clinicians and practices are limited to only one or two practical choices due to a variety of circumstances such as data availability, cost barriers, technical limitations, and more. Reporting through a CMS-approved Qualified Registry like MIPScast® is one of the most flexible options because registries can submit all of the same quality measures that an EHR can report, plus any of the additional 196 MIPS CQM (aka Registry) measures, which do not require the use of a certified EHR. MIPScast can also handle reporting for the Improvement Activities and Promoting Interoperability categories on behalf of MIPS-eligible clinicians and groups.

In this webinar, Kevin Perdue, Altarum’s MIPScast Product Manager, will give a live demonstration using MIPScast to enter MIPS performance data and show how it can provide you with scoring feedback and comparisons so you can pick the measures and activities that yield the highest scores. Information will also be shared about how clinicians and practices receiving no-cost technical assistance through the QPP Resource Center® for the Midwest can register to use MIPScast as a Qualified Registry for 2020 reporting, and submit MIPS data directly to CMS at no cost.

Start Date & Time
Time of event
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM