Code Breaker: Unlocking the Power of Billing for MIPS Quality Measures


For many practices, billing processes and reports are more tightly controlled and monitored than electronic health record (EHR) documentation and dashboards. After all, proper coding is the key to avoiding rejected claims and delays in reimbursements. But did you know coding can also be the key to collecting MIPS Quality measures?

If you’re finding your EHR isn’t meeting your needs due to lack of relevant measures or complicated documentation workflows (or you have no EHR at all), join us for this webinar on unlocking the power of billing for MIPS Quality Measures.

Attendees will learn how to identify measures based on commonly used CPT or ICD codes and how to add Quality-Data Codes (QDC) used for calculating performance.

Start Date & Time
Time of event
1-1:30 pm Eastern